India’s move with GST began on midnight of June 30th stated with 1 tax 1 nation 1 market. GST will not just consolidate the nation under one tax, but also will change the way of doing business for millions of Indian businesses. Each and every registered business will register under GST has to file returns online, monthly, quarterly and/or annually based on the nature of the business.

Don’t worry, we have got you covered.
Reviewing the coming changes we started designing and building Dwike Invoice a GST READY Software solution that helps your businesses. On top of managing your business finances, we help you manage your contacts GST details, allocating HSN/SAC codes to goods and services you serve and GST compliant invoices. That’s not it, we also help you build the file returns like GSTR1, GSTR2, GSTR3, etc.

Let’s talk about the facts, GST will surely help in improving the tax transparency but it will also need strict compliance. As per the GST law each business need to collect a 15-digit unique GSTIN and shipping address information for all its customers and vendors for billing and taxation purpose.

Dwike Invoice will help in organising your Customers and Vendors contact so it’s easy for you to access at any given time from anywhere. Read this document for more details.

Each product or service you sell is tagged with Harmonized System Nomenclature (HSN) or has a Services Accounting Code (SAC) tagged to it. The GST directive requires every business to use HSN and SAC codes to eliminate ambiguity in classification and tax calculation purpose.

Dwike Invoice Lookup will help you search internally and help you with the respective HSN/SAC Code and its tax slab.

You will not believe but there are 11 different pieces of information that a GST compliant invoice needs to be included in Invoice. Government uses the information on invoices to validate transactions before you file your return. If you are planning to enter all your transactions manually, you will need to validate it and believe us you’d tear your hair out.

Dwike Invoice already has the GST details of your contacts and the identification codes for all your goods and services. While raising invoice, you simply select customer and a product, and we take care of the rest to ensure your invoice is GST compliant.

Don’t worry, you can still customize your invoices to reflect your brand.

Based on your type of business you run, you’ll need to file certain returns – GSTR1, GSTR2 and GSTR3 – every month. Dwike Invoice creates all the reports automatically as and when you create Invoice or enter Bills and with no time you can be ready to fill your return on GST Portal.

Based on earlier taxation, you might be using some software or possibly excel sheet to maintain your contacts. Any tools you use, it is found very common that it provides you to export in Excel or CSV format. Just export your contact information and with simple 3 clicks import it in Dwike Invoice.

Feel free to reach us at and we will be here to support you with the migration.