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Assign Tickets

Easily assign ticket to another or department with few click.

Ticket Status

Assign the ticket to another agent or department.

Internal Notes

Add internal notes to tickets for staff view only.

Canned Response

Work smart by creating a canned response for tickets.

Merge Tickets

Merge tickets created by same customer and reduce chaos.

Bulk Edit Option

Avoid repetitive actions and take multiple actions at once.

Ticket Attachment

Let your customers start attaching files and documents to a ticket.

Ticket Priorities

Set priority on each request to resolve most important problems first.

Activity Log

Keep track of full support history of every customer.

Collision Detection

See who is working on the same ticket to avoid duplicate responses.

Email Signature

Create signatures that suits for your team and organization.

Ban Email ID

Permanently block specific email addresses from sending you emails.

Department Access

Put Restriction on staff access to certain departments so they can access tickets under departments assigned to them.

Multiple Mailboxes

Support multiple department from same dashboard and have incoming mails converted to tickets.

Ticket Forwarding and CC

You can involve members who are registered or not registered as agents in Dwike Helpdesk in your support threads simply by add CC.

Service Level Agreement

Define your SLA and deliver it within committed timeline

Custom Forms

Collect customize data from users while submitting a ticket to help get straight to the issue.

Custom Outgoing Settings

Apply custom SMTP settings to your Mailbox to keep records on your own server.

Export Tickets

Export individual ticket to pdf

Help Topic

Help Topic allows you to separate incoming requests into dedicated tickets queues.


Make it easy for your customers to find what they want

Powerful Search

Search solutions quickly with relevant keywords.

Article Sections

Organize knowledge items by adding sections under general topics.

Publish & Draft

Flag article visibility to published and draft for internal and external use.

Article Rating

Improve your articles by letting your customers rate on the usefulness of each article.

Works Everywhere

Access the knowledge base article from any device so that customer can receive support on the go and save the time to reach out to your agents.

Custom Page

Dwike Helpdesk allows you to add unlimited custom pages to any of your themes, setup a unique URL for each page.

Article Rating

Improve your articles by letting your customers rate on the usefulness of each article.

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Increase the visibility of real time business operations

Average Resolution Time

See how long it takes to solve your customers problem, start to finish.

Daily Reports

Get report summaries in your mailbox, using the scheduled reports feature.

Average Response Time

Track how long it takes your team to get started on a customer’s request.


At-a-glance chart provides an instant overview of your helpdesk’s service fulfillment.

Customer Satisfaction

Get instant feedback on how your customers feel about the support they get.

Ticket Inflow

Track ticket inflow distribution by source, helptopic and status, get a bird’s-eye view of all ticket in your support queue.

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