Custom Configuration

Meet your organization’s unique requirements

Tailor your Helpdesk

Dwike makes it easy to meet your organization’s unique requirements. You can change the product effortlessly without the need to create complex programs or scripts or any training .


Create Departments and link it with helptopic. Assign manager and team to each department based on their skill and expertise to manage your helpdesk better. All new ticket redirect to right department automatically.


Customize the predefined email templates that can be sent to users when alerts are set. Avoid the time spent to create the alert message every time you need to set one.

Personalise for better customer support

Custom Form Fields

Customize the predefined email templates that can be sent to users when alerts are set. Provide the specific content and feel that your organization requires to effectively convey your service request fulfillment message.

Business Hour

Define the working hours for your organization, whether your operations are 24/7 or 9 to 5, Dwike Helpdesk tracks your SLA due dates and times relative to your specific business hours.

Custom Alert & Notification

Set custom email notifications and ensure your team is alerted to what’s important, but not overloaded.

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Custom Domain

Choose any domain or sub-domain for your helpdesk to match with your website domain.

Article Sections

Option to organize knowledge items by adding sections under general topics and make documents more user friendly.

Custom Page

Dwike Helpdesk allows you to add unlimited custom pages to any of your themes, setup a unique URL for each page.

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