Ticket Management

Get more than just a ticketing system

Deliver brilliant customer support

Dwike Helpdesk pulls in all your customer interactions from across multiple channels into a single, clean interface. You can then seamlessly routing and assigning tickets to agents by defining help topic and SLA based on business requirements, continue these conversations and help customers easily.


Add multiple e-mail addresses and social media account have incoming mails, posts or tweets converted to tickets to streamline your support.


Help Topic allows you to separate incoming requests into dedicated tickets queues and route to pre-determined departments. Combined with custom forms, you can design a form for a specific help topics to gather additional information for specific requests.

Everything in one place

Our beautiful web-based interface is designed to be easy to use and give you access to the information you need right where you need it.

Assign Ticket

Assign the ticket to another agent or department.

Ticket Priorities

Set priority on each request to resolve most important problems first.

Collision Detection

See who is working on the same ticket to avoid duplicate responses.

Internal Notes

Add internal notes to tickets for staff view only.

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Increase team productivity

Automate your Helpdesk and improve efficiency to support with easy to use tools

Canned Responses

& knowledge base references

Some of your tickets have same answers so save time and work smart by creating a canned response. Also Include knowledge base articles in ticket reply with one click.

Automated Workflow

Workflow are special rules that are “action triggered”. Workflow create predefined actions that are automatically assigned to ticket. If conditions are met, the action is performed. Workflow are most commonly used for transferring specific tickets to certain department, assign status or priority etc.

Service Level Agreement

Define your SLA and deliver it within committed timeline

Provide support the way customers want it

Build deeper relationships with your customers by providing support the way they want. Its just look like email to customer.
Invisible to Customer

Don’t worry about stereotype support, Dwike just looks like personalize email to your customer and they never know you are using Helpdesk.

Looks Like Email

All communication between you and your customer will look like ordinary emails instead of looking like automated tickets.

Like Nothing You've Seen

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