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Every startup companies have energy, enthusiasm and a good product/service that it needs to grow as time goes. In other words when we say grow it means more business. Ticketing system is in the market for very long time and most of us are already aware of it. But we might be thinking like we are too small for it, we don’t get so many request from our customer.

Let us see why you need Helpdesk to support your customer.

  • Sometime we might read emails but due to busy schedule we forget to reply but when we are using ticketing system nothing gets unnoticed.
  • Many times we go through the email to read the history of the customer whereas helpdesk system helps you in getting entire customer history at one click.
  • Every team member in the organization either gets bulk of emails or left out been informed when they respond to the customer. Helpdesk system helps you with better collaborations between all the teams in the company.
  • Working from email doesn’t help us understanding your product service that you provide whereas Helpdesk system collects the data and provides you to understand the market and opportunities that you might be missing.

Many Helpdesk/Ticketing system tools does provide the ticketing functionality but sometime we might see that it doesn’t work with our organization and so we started working on building Dwike-HD. Dwike-HD comes with lots of features like Department for internally transferring the tickets, Help-Topics for customers, SLA’s based on office schedule, Knowledgebase whereas that can help them with required information, Social Channel integration helps you support customer that raise voice on Social Media like Facebook and Twitter, Converting your support email address into tickets, Reviewing how your staff is performing, etc.

Any Startup companies would always recommend starting building their companies with good habits and processes from day one so that we don’t come across any hurdle in future when we decide to change the habits. Habits of been organized, supporting to customer from day one either on social media or email will help the company with bright future.

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