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Why we build Dwike Helpdesk?

By November 5, 2016 No Comments

Dwike Helpdesk software is built by Ingress IT Solutions born out of necessity. We always felt that most of the current software available for customer support had been quiet and went dissatisfied with the options that were available. Not only the software’s are outdated but very limited with user features and unfriendly User Interface.

Other main reason is due to multiple restricted nature of the available software’s customer service agents will have to use more than 1 application to do one job. This is always frustrating for the agents as well as for the customers when they try to reach our support staff. We did extensive research whereas we couldn’t find single replacement in the market that can do all jobs, at least not at the price that was affordable.

This is when we decided to prepare our own helpdesk system and came up with Dwike Helpdesk. We started working on Dwike Helpdesk software from the group up in order to provide users with a wide-ranging package that not only integrates several applications into one but also provides a superior user experience and allows customer service agents to deal with issues in an expedite way. Our powerful, integrated, customer support software will change the way your agents interacts with your customers.

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